best water softenerIf you still remember what you have learnt in the chemistry class, you probably know about these types of substances in water. According to its substances, Water is actually divided in two types. There are hard water and soft water. The water is considered as hard or soft is depending of the calcium, minerals and magnesium that contain within. The water is said to be hard if it contains high magnesium and calcium that will end up making your skin drained and decrease the function of soaps. Meanwhile soft water is considered when the ions of iron is removed from the water which is can be done by using water softeners. This article will show you some recommendations of the best water softener products.

How Does a Water softener Work?

Water softener has a unique way to work. Water softener is used to prevent the damage that is caused by some substances such as iron and magnesium. If you are using the water that is contaminated with such substances regularly every day, there is a chance that your skin and hair will be getting drained and dry. Your household appliances will be damaged. When you install a water softener in your home, the water softener will remove the iron ions, magnesium and calcium that cause bad effects. Then replace it with other substances that are considered as soft, such as potassium and sodium.

4 Water Softener Systems Types

Reverse Osmosis System

Water softener comes in many types of water softener system. The first type of water softener system you may need to know is reverse osmosis system. From the term itself, we know that the system is meant to force the bad substances that contaminated out of the water. The way how this system works is by letting the water to flow into the filter then the filter will capture all the bad substances that made of large particles. Those are mostly sediment, silt and sludge. Then the water that has been pressurized is transferred to the membrane of RO that is used as the filter of negative impurities around 001 micro electron. When the process is done, your water can finally be used to drink.

Salt Based Water System

The second water softener system is salt based water system. This type of system consist of two different tanks, that the first tank is designed with some resin beads. Meanwhile the other one is designed with brine beads. The way how it works is letting the water pass through the first tank, and then it transferred to second tank until the water is can be used perfectly. The point of this system is to remove the hard ions such as iron, magnesium and as well calcium. Those ions will be replaced with the soft one, for example is sodium.

Salt-Free System

Another type of is salt-free system. The way how this system works is by regenerating sodium into the softer potassium chloride salt. If you are one of those people who are really concerned about the intake of salt in your life, the water softener with this system would be the best choice for you. The different of this system than the previous one is salt free water system only tends to prevent mineral from deposition but it does not remove or reduce the hard minerals.

Magnetic Water System

The last water softener system you need to know is magnetic water system. This water softener is using plug in system that is clipped into the pipes. The magnetic that contains within the device will change the electromagnetics from the ions of substances within the water, for example the ion of mineral calcium carbonate. The system is designed with magnetic fields that contain moving electrons. The device is made of coils that have wire wrapping around the iron of the central core, the magnetic fields will work when the electrical passed through the wire.

After you learn about many types of water softener system, now you need to take a look about many kinds of water softener size that will suit with your needs. It is important to consider and choose the right choice when you are going to purchase a water softener, so it will work best and properly for you. Water softeners are sold in the market within many varieties of sizes. Whether big or small, the physical size is actually not a real problem. The function of its when it comes to removing the hard mineral without often regeneration is the actual deal. Makes sure you purchase the water softener that can work for minimal three days. You may want to consider about the best water softener according the number of member in your family. This way you will know the capacity for water softener you and your family will need.

Recommendation of Best Water Softener Reviews

#1 The Fleck 5600SXT

Fleck 5600SXTThis water softener product is using salt based system and contains capacity for 48,000 grain. Fleck 5600SXT is designed with salt pellets and supported with resin beads. Those are used to soften the water by removing the hard materials such as magnesium and iron. If you consider purchasing this product, you may need to support it by buying a power outlet for 120volt and a huge brine tank. You can choose the brine tank in around 14 inches x 17 inches x 33 inches, if your home is in large or medium size. One of the best things when you are purchasing this is that you will get ten year tank warranty and 5 year system warranty. This water softener product is equipped with LCD back lit display that makes you easier to control this device b using touch pad. This is also so easy to install, you just need a simple plumbing skill then you can do it by yourself. This product sold in the market for $1000.

#2 The Fleck 7000 64 000

Fleck 7000 64 000The Fleck 7000 64 000 Grain Metered is designed with two standard tank with a resin tank and a beige color brine tank. The resin tank is designed with fiberglass that creates a tough built system. This water softener can bear the capacity until 64 000 grain which mean you can turn or transfer water with hard materials into the soft water by removing the hard materials. Fleck 7000 is also supported with by-pass valve which is used as a knob to set the flow of the soft water. This product has microprocessor control that can measure the water consumption, and reduce salt consumption. You will get ten year resin tank warranty and five year brink tank and by-pass valve warranty when you purchase this product. The best thing about using Fleck 7000 is that it will make you saving money and keep the use of the water and salt at the minimum level

#3 The Watts RV PRO-1000

Watts RV PRO-1000The Watts RV PRO-1000 is specially design for you who want to turn your water to able to drink for. This product is using flow valve which is used to regenerate the salt automatically that will save a lot of your time. This water softener is able to convert until four gallons of water in a minute by using RV pro-1000. The Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water can bear until 10 000 grains capacity. The portable of this device only weighs for around twenty four pounds, with its height around twenty one inches and diameter for nine and a half. When you are purchasing this water softener, you will be provided with ten year warranty for the parts of the product.

#4 The Eddy Electric

Eddy ElectricEddy Electric Water Descaler is designed to make your hard water into soft water that can be used to drink. This water softener comes in small size of compact which around 6.7 inches x 1.6 inches x 3.5 inches and only weight for less than two pounds. The eddy electric is supported with magnetic fields system that won’t deposit lime scale within the pipes. You will be provided with twelve month guarantee and a life time system warranty, you can get 100 percent cash back if you are not feeling satisfied with the product.

#5 The NuvoH2O Manor

NuvoH2O ManorNuvoH2O is using nanotechnology to change the water into salt-free. This product can convert until 60000 gallons. The size of its compact is 8inch x 29inch. You will get a lifetime warranty and ninety days guarantee/ you will get your cash back when you are not satisfied. This product is designed with two valves, pressure release plus by-pass.